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Paul, others, taking a break
Hey all,

I'll be taking a break from this forum again for reasons that will be made very clear.

One reason is that "the other" is making things very difficult for me, attacking just about every post I make in the support of Peshitta primacy - the aim of this forum and website. Simply by my remaining silent, he exposes himself and people are noticing, for instance, how he is blatantly anti-Peshitta now (as he was at the start) and how he called people who believe that Yeshua is GOD, heretics.

Paul, I am receiving even more emails about "the other". One said he was a Satanist and another says that he felt the "breath of Satan" just from talking to him. This fellow even pointed out that perhaps your association with "the other" affects your health and translation work. I must say too, what an amazing coincidence it is, that the forum starts becoming very unfruitful since the arrival and your befriending of "the other". You must dissociate yourself from evil. As I have done also, by not talking to "the other" anymore. Do note that changes in your character were seen when you befriended him, such as broken promises regarding myself.

Another thing to notice akhi is that "the other" was very silent until I returned to the forum - as if his mission is to stop me in all the Peshitta promoting that I do and to end the friendship and quasi-mentor/protege relationship we had, something in which he succeeded.

He even knew what buttons to push of me, to get me banned. All he had to do was attack everyone on the forum, including yourself and the Peshitta, and I would raise concerns. It is very weird Akhi, something is not right. Since you keep rejecting my claims to take action, and to even let me take action against him, I will take a break and let things sort themselves out.

I will pray for you Akhi, as always I love you and will fight for you, the greatest way one can - spiritually.

May we all be brothers in our Peshitta belief,


p.s. If you do take action and need to know what to do, it is very simple. Ban "the other" by IP/name etc, delete EVERY post of his from the forum, and we all pray to Alaha Abba for help in defeating Satan. I am serious akhi, this is no joke - spiritual warfare is a very serious matter. If you realise that what I am saying about "the other" is true and are fearful, confide in me. I may be young, but believe me, I have experienced things in my short while. I am one of the few Believers who has no fear of the Devil and who realises that we should not fear him, he should FEAR US. That's why he always attacks the ones that bring out the truth. We only need fear God, and evil can only do to us what God allows. I love you akhi and hope all is well for you.

p.p.s. If you feel that you have an evil spirit in your house, send me two plane tickets and my father and I will come and exorcise your place. I assure you it is no hokey style "exorcism" with salt, water, "icons", prolonged periods etc. My father works old school, as it was in the Bible - nothing but faith, prayer and commanding the Devil around in the name of Yeshua Meshikah. As with the last one, you may even be cured of your affliction. You don't just go around doing things like this, but I feel something very strong to do this. I am convinced that you are under Satanic attack since befriending "the other". Ask the people in your house if they have nightmares or feel "presences". The last one of my father had 3 things - the mother of the house had breast cancer, the son had nightmares and the daughter felt a presence at the foot of her bed at night. How did they allow Satan in the house? The mother allowed Australian Aboriginal witch doctors to perform a ritual to heal her cancer. All solved promptly by the power of MarYah Akhi. Perhaps with you it is when "the other" sent you that supposedly Christian book to your house - you should consider how your life has been since then. My father knows a woman who saw her problems go away by simply throwing away her KJV copy and having faith in God. Ironically, "the other" has just made a post praising the KJV.
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Was the New Testament Really Written in Greek?
Shlama, akhi, Paul Younan,
How are You doing, how is Your precious to us health?
Your absence here in the forum makes us worry.
Either you are very sick or SOMETHING (SOMEBODY) keeps you from this forum.
At least tell somebody on behalf of you say something.
Maybe doctors told You not to get so much burden, then somebody has to keep this forum in proper shape.
The forum needs You.
Thank You.
Hi Akhi Ivan,

I'm feeling great - just busy with other aspects of my life at the moment. (putting in the swimming pool, building a deck, work like crazy, children, etc.) Will be back soon. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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Do you really want that exorcism from chris paul? /lol

Hehe, I think The Holy Spirit is done having fun with this guy. He still owes you a big apology for taking work off here and making it his own but I'll let The Almighty deal with it. Your a very humble person Paul and I know you haven't said anything about it to him yet. I'm more confrontational in my approaches, as you can tell. It was wrong of him to do you like that Paul.

I'll keep you in prayer Paul. That means "good" prayer for all you superstitious ones on here /lol

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