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Dave B's Peshitta Bible Codes and Peshitta Primacy
[quote="gbausc"]Steve and forum,

Do you think I was unaware of this unusual
occurrence in 2 John ?

Is it an unusual occurrence? How so?

Are you aware that the book of Acts uses the word [font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]0ny+srk[/font] "Khristiana"
(Christian) twice and 1 Peter has it once ?

I was aware of this Greek loan word. :o)

That is a Greek word, not Aramaic. It is a transliteration of the Greek word.
Why does Acts and 1 Peter also use "Petrus" for Peter instead of "Simeon", as most places have it. "Petrus" is Greek.
Were Acts and 1 Peter translated from Greek, or just those names in those places
from the Greek language , not the Greek NT ?

Shimon Kepha or Petros was born and raised in Galilee of the Gentiles. He had a Jewish name, which was used when he was called to read the Torah in the synagogue and he had a Greek name of which he was not ashamed. The Peshitta contains both Acts (author-Luke), and (I Peter author Petros/Shimon Kepha).

It's the same thing as Luke using eucharistos or Christianos. I haven't got any problem with Greek loan words in the Peshitta.

Mashikha d'gala was in I John 2:18, I John 2:22, I John 4:3 , yet a Greek loan word antikhristos was used in II John verse 7. Same author, successive books. Why the difference?

Yet you assume that this obviates everything I have done in the Bible codes and in the word comparisons. I have already researched this, Steve. I have done much more than this. I have purchased the software, obtained The Peshitta NT in digitized format for the Codefinder program (I know of only one or two others who have it) and I have been searching the text for The Divine Names for 4 years.

Don't take this personally, Dave but it's better to adjust the parameters of your research accordingly if you are wrong, than to continue with what may very well be a false premise.

You have not done this.

That's correct. I do not have the software to search the Peshitta and I have no desire to do so. What I'm trying to do here is get a more complete discernment of Peshitta Codes Research. Isn't that what you have posted it for?

I have compiled thousands of data comparing Greek and Aramaic word cognates in the Peshitta and Greek NT, using the Hebrew OT and LXX (Septuagint OT) as a standard model for an original text and its translation.
You have not done this, Steve.

Until you do, you have no authority to make dogmatic assertions as to the validity
or invalidity of my conclusions.

David, I don't need authority to humbly state my opinion or ask questions on this forum. The different posts, debates, arguments and research on the origin of the Western Five are in the archives of, along with many other topics. That's the destination of this present debate. It's for the record. That's why I'm making enquiries in this area, so that we may have a well documented archive, from which to draw from. Neat huh!

Please don't misunderstand my intention in saying this. I respect the fact that you have done an incredible amount of research, but you seem unwilling to accept even the remote possibility that the Western Five does not have an Aramaic autograph available at this time. I wish there was one. I have received the Greek witness of the Western Five. It's the most logical choice, in my humble opinion.

Again, nothing personal intended Dave, but if your research data is based in any pertinent way upon the Western Five being the autograph, when they are a translation from Greek into Aramaic, then your data is not reliable. It's as simple as that.

Kind Regards,
Stephen Silver

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