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Someone hates Maryah!!! :X >: :X >:
Paul Younan Wrote:
drmlanc Wrote:btw, Alaha - is that any relation to 'Alah' - name only. Of course, Alah, is simply the moon god from Islam's early 300 + gods...

All three surviving Semitic languages - Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic derive from a common ancestor. In ancient Akkadian (no longer spoken), the word for "god" was "Iluh" and from this old Semitic term the words "Alaha" (Aramaic), "Eloh" (Hebrew), and "Allah" (Arabic) derive.

These words are the exact cognate of the English "god" (with a lower-case "g").

All pagan dieties in Mesopotamia, worshipped by the early Akkadian-speaking Semites, were called by this title. Remember, it's not a name - it's a title, like the English "god" or "angel" or "demon" or "saint" or "president", etc.

Yes, the early Arabs worshipped the moon and many other planets and deities - and they all were called "allah" in the Arabic language because "allah" simply means "god".

As far as I know the Arabic word 'allah' [alef-lam-lam-haa] does not correspond to 'god' as the word contains 'al' which makes it definite. 'Allah' cannot be taken in the possessive or indefinite. Hence one cannot say 'O my Allah' or 'your Allah' because of the 'al' which makes the definite article.

The appropriate word would be 'ilah' [alef-lam-haa] which is not definite and hence can be taken as 'a god' or 'my/your god'.

With the Hebrew though the 'alh' [alef-lamed-heh] can be taken in the possessive, adding the 'ha' as a prefix makes it definite. Is this true also of Aramaic?

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