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"Lazarus" or "Eleazar"
Take it easy, please!
I translated γνωτος  του  αρχιερεως to 'kinsman to the high priest' mainly to show that γνωτός and γνωστός are different words and do not necessarily have exactly the same meaning. My dictionary (Liddel & Scott) gave:

Quote:γνωστός, ή, όν, collat. form of γνωτός, known : as Subst. a friend.     II. to be known.

γνωτός, ή, όν, also ός, όν, (γνῶναι) known, well known :—as Subst. a friend, kinsman, brother; γνωτοί τε γνωταί τε brothers and sisters.

A newer LSJ states γνωτός [is an] "older and more correct form of γνωστός". They could be translated as "known to" or "friend of" in both instances.

Probably, the analysis which you found for a Greek word which is translated to "kinsman" is about συγγενής. LEH notes it is "tit. bestowed at the Hellenistic courts as a mark of honour".

I am thinking more along the line of:
The disciple who was known to the high priest was almost certainly not one of the 12 as then he would have been recognized easily (Acts 4:13). However, the gospel author, in these verses, assumes that he is known to the readers. I speculate therefor that he would have become more active in the faith after these events. As such, he may have been solicited to provide accounts of things that happened in connection with Jesus execution, and while he's at it, why not also recount some sayings that he heard from Jesus when a disciple?

The temple was central to everybody at the time so nothing precludes the son of Sebedee to weave priestly symbolism into the message, but that other unnamed figure could be a suspect for some of the stories.

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