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_The Peshitta Holy Bible_ translated by David Bauscher
Do you think any New Testament writers alluded to 2 Baruch?

New Testament Allusions to Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha
14.8-9: O Lord, my Lord, who can understand your judgment? Or who can explore the depth of your way? Or who can discern the majesty of your path? Or who can discern your incomprehensible counsel? Or who of those who are born has ever discovered the beginning and the end of your wisdom?
14.13: Therefore, they leave this world without fear and are confident of the world which you have promised to them with an expectation full of joy.
15.8: For this world is to them a struggle and an effort with much trouble. And that accordingly which shall come, a crown with great glory.
21.13: For if only this life exists which everyone possesses here, nothing could be more bitter than this.
23.4: For when Adam sinned and death was decreed against those who were to be born, the multitude of those who would be born was numbered. And for that number a place was prepared where the living ones might live and where the dead might be preserved.
32.6: For greater than the two evils will be the trial when the Mighty One will renew his creation.
48.8: With signs of fear and threat you command the flames, and they change into winds. And this the word you bring to life that which does not exist, and with great power you hold that which has not yet come.
48.22: In you we have put our trust, because, behold, your Law is with us, and we know that we do not fall as long as we keep your statutes.
51.3: Also, as for the glory of those who proved to be righteous on account of my law, those who possessed intelligence in their life, and those who planted the root of wisdom in their heart-- their splendor will then be glorified by transformations, and the shape of their face will be changed into the light of their beauty so that they may acquire and receive the undying world which is promised to them.
54.10: Blessed is my mother among those who bear, and praised among women is she who bore me.
54.15: For although Adam sinned first and has brought death upon all who were not in his own time, yet each of them who has been born from him has prepared for himself the coming torment.
54.17-18: But now, turn yourselves to destruction, you unrighteous ones who are living now, for you will be visited suddenly, since you have once rejected the understanding of the Most High. For his works have not taught you, nor has the artful work of his creation which has existed always persuaded you.
57.2: For at that time the unwritten law was in force among them, and the works of the commandments were accomplished at that time, and the belief in the coming judgment was brought about, and the hope of the world which will be renewed was built at that time, and the promise of the life that will come later was planted.
59.6: the suppression of wrath, the abundance of long-suffering, the truth of judgment

Do you think 2 Peter 2:6 derives from familiarity with 3 Maccabees 2:5?

2 Peter 2:6 (YLT)
and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah having turned to ashes, with an overthrow did condemn, 
an example to those about to be impious having set [them];

2 Peter 2:6 (Berean Literal)
and He condemned _the_ cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to destruction,^b having reduced _them_ to ashes, having set an example of what is coming on the ungodly;^c
b:  WH _condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah_
c:  NE, NA, BYZ, and TR _those who were to be ungodly_
3 MACCABEES .... [UBS4] 2.5: 
You consumed with fire and sulfur the people of Sodom who acted arrogantly, who were notorious for their vices; 
and you made them an example to those who should come afterward.

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