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Look again at the wording there in MS.3 at Hebrews 2:9 It reads thus, "b'taybutha d'Alaha" which is "by the grace of God...". Then look at the UBS text, where it has "taybutheh Alaha" which is "by His grace, God". I looked at MS.54 there is the collection at Hebrews 2:9 and it reads "b'taybutha d'Alaha" "by the grace of Alaha", as well.

So, you have the western versions reading either "by the grace of God, He tasted death for everyone." Or you have the reading "by His grace, God tasted death for everyone."

Someone made a big mistake, or made a deliberate change in the way "taybutha" is written in the western version of the text.

Notice that the one way makes it Yeshua who is the one who tastes death, as the context shows, while the other makes it God who is the subject and who tastes death...


Doug, look at Hebrews 2:9 there in MS.5 which looks to be an older copy than MS.3 is. The original wording is wiped away too, and something else has been written in...but, can you make those later words out?

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