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Semitic Idioms In Luke 9
(08-08-2015, 11:26 PM)Charles Wilson Wrote: gregoryfl--

I await with great interest the results of your study!!!

Luke 9 is very important!!  If I were to Cut 'N Paste a novel from the Stories of the NT, I would start right here.  Who is this figure?  What kind of people would want to bring fire out of the sky to destroy a Samaritan village for refusing to receive this person?  Why is he so set in getting to Jerusalem?

As you begin to piece together the parts, you assemble a very sophisticated piece of literature!  Semitic literature!

Post, Post, Post!!
'N Thank you!

Thanks for your interest Charles,

I decided to wait a good while to see how active this message board was, and can see that it seems pretty much abandoned as far as discussion goes, so if you want to pursue this privately, email me at ronandofl@

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