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Amen to that!


borota Wrote:I think is an expected outcome to get filled with joy and other manifestations of the Spirit inside of us when we feast upon the Word. Our spirits need that heavenly food to prosper and be in good inward health (which doesn't necessarily translates to perfect body health, see Paul's thorn or his collaborates body health challenges).

At the same time (this I remind myself first), let's remember not to get carried away with too much attention on the gifts and lose focus of the gift Giver. In other words, the most important is Him, the gifts that flow from Him are secondary, no matter how amazing and unexpected they may seem. He is more precious than all and anything.

If we concentrate on experiences and gifts alone, there are other spiritual beings out there that can also give us all sorts of feelings and experiences and little by little take our focus away from where it should be - Him alone.

I hope this helps.

P.S. Something I learnt the hard way, we also need to be careful whom we share our perls (intimate spiritual experiences) with... Some could tare you apart and leave you totally confused and starting to doubt everything.

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