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Ebyathar was kohen hagadol Mark 2 :26
Dear Brother

I don't think your answer needs to be deep and unaccessible.
I have thought up one answer for myself, to save you the bother. Acts 8:29 is a snatching away which has the same verb in the Aramaic I think. Nobody has thought up an invented theory so it's quite straight forward, no political correctness involved, or Catholic Jesuit's doctrinal view, tell A.G.Roth. Philip was found at Azotos or Ashdod so we, those who remain at the Master's coming, in the same way hope to be found in heaven with His Quodeshim.

Bro Aldred

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Re: Ebyathar was kohen hagadol Mark 2 :26 - by Aldred Emmans - 05-23-2014, 08:02 PM

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