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Galilean Aramaic

It's not a easy thing because there's not plenty of books about galilean. I've studied it directely in the texts ie burnal inscriptions, talmud yerushalami, targum from the Cairo Geniza( Fragment A and E the lodest- but mixed with the first Hasmonean dialect of the text). You can find theses texts on the CAL Aramaic (Text Browse - Palestinian Aramaic).
But this is late galilean (we have no inscriptions prior to 2nd century).

There're some books. Free online the introduction of (the beautiful) Klaus Beyer's book "Die aram?ischen texte vom toten meer" (in english):

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The (almost complete) book in german with plenty of galilean inscriptions (chapter Die galil?ischen Inschriften) :

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An web article about it

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Yehezkel Kutscher wrote about it too...

And our dear friend Steve Caruzo on his site:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ean-class/</a><!-- m -->

Hope it helps

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