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Acts 7:40 "a god" singular or "gods" plural?
I am wondering about this verse. The Aramaic text has "alaha" in the text. What determines if it is in the plural form, rather than the singular? As I think Aaron only made one idol for them, the golden calf mentioned in the next verse. It seems that the people made other idols with their own hands, and worshiped them, two of which are mentioned in verse 43, but, I think that Aaron only made the calf, right? If this is true, should not the English translations read "?Make for us a god that will go before us," rather than 'make for us gods that will go before us,"

Or am I missing something, here? Thanks for any help.

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Acts 7:40 "a god" singular or "gods" plural? - by Aramaic - 02-16-2014, 07:11 AM

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