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Question for Akhan Steven Caruso - Syriac Shibboleth ?
Shlama Akhi Steven,

I was reading 1Peter 4:17 in the Peshitta, and noticed something familiar to modern Neo-Aramaic speakers (since our modern Neo-Aramaic dialects are derived from the classical language of the Peshitta.)

In that verse, the verb for "begin" (in two conjugal forms) is $-r-) (shra). As I'm sure you know, the primary meaning of this root in all Aramaic dialects is "loosen" (with derivative meanings like "free, divorce, break fast" etc.). But in our modern Neo-Aramaic dialect, like the Peshitta, it can be used as a verb to mean "begin".

However, I don't notice any "western" dialects like CPA or Galilean that seem to use it as a verb. I've seen noun and adverb derivatives like "beginning", etc., in the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon that you've assisted with. But no examples in a strictly verbal sense.

So my question is, do you think this secondary usage as a verb is a "Syriac Shibboleth", and if so ... assuming that Peter spoke "Galilean Aramaic", what do you suppose would have been his original "Galilean Aramaic" choice of verb for "begin"?

b'Shayna w'Shlama,
+Shamasha Paul

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