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Lamsa and Greek Insertions
Here is how you find them, Dylan.

Go to, chose both the UBS and the Khabouris, then choose Murdock, Etheridge, Lamsa, and the KJV for the translations, and just look at each verse...and see for yourself. Make sure you put Lamsa right on top of the KJV text.

When I kept seeing the obvious assimilation of the KJV translation into his, it totally turned me off to his translation...not that I don't like the KJV, but he is supposed to be translating from the Eastern Peshitta text...and not making a hybid revision of the Eastern Peshitta with the KJV Greek NT.

I don't know how much of this was done by him, or those who owned the rights to publish it, but it's not faithful to the Aramaic NT, in many places. I wish it was.

This is one of the main reasons Janet Magiera told me that she took up the task of her translation. I wish she would have stuck with the Eastern Peshitta, but she went with the multi text version that The Way had, which sometimes has the western readings.


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