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aramaic mysticism
theWatchman Wrote:Hi, so i just wanted a range of opinions on people who are so called "aramaic mystics" if you will, such as Dale Allen Hoffman, Neil Douglas - klotz, Dr. michael rice of etc... they all have some very interesting things to say, (especially dale, he has a lot on youtube and iTunes ). are these guys to be trusted or are they just using the aramaic language as some kind of prop for credibility? Some of these guys claim that the aramaic language is so diverse, that certain passages and phrases in scripture (especially things that Yeshua said) can be interpreted in many different ways, such as the Beatitudes or the Lord's prayer for example. Is this kind of a tie in to Jewish mysticism per say, or mostly to the so called "new age movement" which from my understanding can be very dangerous? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

There is a lot of things to say about it. First, it is not uncommon, that there are groups, who claim to have secret knowledge, and new age and gnosticism is no exeption on it. Those groups, you talk about, do as if Aramaic sound at itself, and tones, are part of the of the godly deal. Jesus himself though, and the apostles themselves too, never teached people that they had to learn and meditate and to sing in Aramaic.
God is not a God of favouring certain people just because they speak, meditate, pray and read Aramaic!

Let's compare the sound and tune thing, in their new age prayer. THey pray aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwuuuuuuuuuuun, etc... for me, this is no different than other non-christian religions that also use tunes and tones. Even pre-flood religious instruments have been found, which by tune and tone have influence on our brainwaves. We know, that the flood wiped out that old world.

To be 'in tune' with YHWH God, we are not required to pray/sing on a certain way and in a certain language, but to humble ourselves before God. And certainly not in secret knowledge. The 'secret' thing, to me, looks more like the ancient Egyptian religion.

Now here is a stopper: O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos / you create all that moves in light. According to the OT, God is ISH, a Man. NOT a woman. The 'father-mother' construction, to me looks like ancient Babylonian worship. YHWH is not a godess like semiramis.

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