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What Exactly Is Wrong With the AENT's Galatians?
Shlama Brethren:
Andrew Roth, as I have known him, through internet postings and a phone call some years ago is a scholar. To say that his translation of Galatians is his own interpretation is true in my opinion. The Netzarim (Jewish believers in Jesus) keep the Torah, and AGR believes in keeping The Torah sacred. The little treasures that come from the study and application of the Torah, Prophets and the Writings are truly wonderous Semitic thought that can be delved in and understood in PaRDiS, as regards halakha (to walk in, understand and do correctly). Without the instruction of Torah/Aurayta no one can truly articulate just what sin is. I understand that we have a true, written record. Nevertheless, each one sees it as he sees it and I also am happy for the freedom to get personal with the WORD of Alaha/YHVH. The Pashat, Remez, Darash and Sod allow us to delve deep in our rememberances and applications of the sacred writings. I do hope that you benefit from reading this post. Your thoughts!


Stephen Silver

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