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Eshu', Eshoa, or Eshua (Calling Brother Paul)
bar Sinko Wrote:I'm intrigued. I think I can make reasonably correct Tsades, Qophs, and even Ayins, but I don't know how Teth differs from Tau or any other T sound.

bar Sinko

Shlama Akhi,

The distinction between Taw and Teth is very marked. It's one of the errors that warranted a whack with the ruler over your knuckles in school, if you misread a word with that letter in it. I had many sore knuckles as a child in Aramaic classes.

How do you want to learn the difference?

See Mark 8:38 for "kha+ayta" (feminine for "sinner", with the + sign representing the Teth) for an example of a word with both letters in it. How would you expect that word to be pronounced? Should I make a sound recording and upload it ?


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