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God DIED Heb: 2:9
Thirdwoe Wrote::

But that's not The Peshitta Scriptures you qoute there, ... That's two English translations of the western syriac text, called the PeshittO...which, during the late 4th to early 5th century, Syriac Orthodox Church scribes had changed/edited The Aramaic Scriptures of The Original Peshitta to read like the Greek versions they had, which they wanted their Syriac copy to conform to. Not only for that verse, but for others as well.

We know that The Original Peshitta reading was Around as early as 220 A.D., because Origin makes mention of the verse, as it still reads today in all the Peshitta Manuscripts.

The Son of God, in his human nature/body died and shed His holy human blood of The Cross. Before He died physically, The Father departed from Him, and He released His holy Spirit into His Father's care, as The Scriptures state.

Have you been reading Mr. Baucsher's books?

shlama, and wow! i just read the kabouris version
Hu ger sTr mn alaha Hlp kul (a)nash Ta'm mawta.

it says something very diferent it is not god who died on the kabouris version but Jesus.
this is shocking i dont understand all this time i taught i was reading the eastern peshitta from dukhrana it never talked about this corupt western version influenced by those greek Kapoor?!
we need a translation (a real translation) of the eastern manuscript we must boycot the western version who in the world want to make a translation of a already corupt manuscript?
where is the real deal the real translations of the eastern manuscript? God help me please
btw no i did not read anything from bauscher who is he?

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