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Rev 1:5 Variant?

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The older Greek texts have the same as The Aramaic Text does. And since the book of Revelation comes from the Greek, it's a Greek variant. As far as we know the Greek book of Revelation was not translated from an original Aramaic book of Revelation...though some would say so, with no proof, or tradition.

The Aramaic word there could be translated disolved i.e. liquified...though it has a wide range of meanings. The other time the same form of the word is used in Revelation, it's translated as "dwell" i.e. lodge Rev 21:3...and can also mean to loosen.

Again, Lamsa shows us that he had the KJV as his base text, which he seems to have revised/edited as he saw fit with readings from the Eastern and Western Aramaic texts. He has "washed" as does the KJV.

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