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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Thirdwoe Wrote::

Just added John 16:27 to the list... Eastern Peshitta reads "from the Father"...Western Peshitto reads "from God"

Iv'e adjusted the translation stats as well...and Alexander, Murdoch, and Lamsa, have moved up, while Magiera has fallen below them.

Great job Chuck,
we appreciate your expertise and due diligence in this matter, especially your new variant findings.

ScorpioSniper2 Wrote:If only someone would translate the Peshitta and only use it's readings. We already have completely Peshitto translations, now the Peshitta needs its turn!

Hey ScorpioSniper2,
there are two on the way as we speak. And both hopefully will be out before the close of the up coming year. One will not have the Western 5 book in it and the other will have them but duly noted that they are not from the Eastern PeshittA but rather from Greek sources. The first one will not only not have the Western 5 Books but will be a literal translation of the Eastern PeshittA without any of the Greek extra stuff. Hopefully the second one will not reiterate any of the extra Greek perversions at all either (such as the "woman caught in adulatory story", or "these three agree in Heaven, The Father, The Son, and The Ruakh HaQuodesh", "etc.." ) as they do not belong period. Even if they foot note that they do not belong in the PeshittA they would be giving credence to them by adding them to their work! Simply a footnote as to why they are not there is far better than adding them and then trying to explain them away.

Anyway at least one of them for sure will be a pure, as literally possible, English translation of the Eastern PeshittA and nothing more (and nothing less), awmain. Hopefully the second one will at least as far as the 22 Eastern Books go will stick to the Eastern Aramaic PeshittA Script faithfully as well.

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