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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?

I'm not going to write you a book...

It's very easy to know what the truth is about don't need me or Mr. Burkitt to convince you. Just use your common sense.

There is and was a CHURCH in the East...and they all spoke/speak Aramaic. And they had The Aramaic Old and Aramaic New Testament Bible. Easy to understand right? This Church...The Church of the East was not without God's Holy Word, including all the Letters of the Apostles for 300+years years!!! They had them my friend.

Do you think that they were without it, while all other Christians had it all that time? Do you think that they were forced to listen to the Greek version, which they did not understand for 300+years? No sir. Go ask any of these Christians who are part of this ancient Church and they will tell you the truth.

The reason the four Gospels are only mentioned, is that the Aramaic Church, always keeps the Gospels in a separate volume, and the Letters of the Apostles in another volume...even to this day. The Four Gospels are considered to be in a special place in the cannon and they are set out as such in the Parishes.

Mr. Burkitt thinks (wrongly) that "The Peshitta" was created by Bishop Rabbula in the mid-4th century!!!...but that is insane, because the Church or the East had these same books (22) all that time, from the 1st century on. But they did not call it "The Peshitta"....that word "Peshitta" didn't come into existence until around the 10th century. Before that time, it was just The Aramaic Scriptures...Old and New Testaments.

Why are you having a hard time believing this truth? Does it bother you that the Greek version was not the only thing around? The Latin version was around too you know...for those who spoke only in Latin. Irenaeus quotes from the old Latin NT in about 180 A.D.

Go get yourself a copy of the Diatessaron and compare it with the readings of The Peshitta...and you will see where the Diatessaron came from. I have done that work...and you can not too hard, takes about a month.

The Four Gospels in a separate volume on the Church altar with the date of 78 A.D. was part of The Aramaic NT, which has been passed down from the Apostles till today, as found in The Eastern Aramaic Peshitta New Testament. It hasn't been changed all these years.

If you don't want to believe this...then that's your choice. Why do you find it so hard to? Or, is it that you don't want to believe it?



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