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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Thirdwoe Wrote::

If it's true that she was, it makes sense. The Way has a three volume interlinear, like she does, has a numbered concordance with them like she does, has Jennings lexicon with them, like she does...but Janet's are in a vertical interlinear form, unlike The Way's edition. Not sure about all this, or if it's a bad thing or not really...Janet has her editions available online, while The Way does can't find it at all...and Amazon has some from somebody on their site, selling them for major jacked up prices. Not cool, as they only cost 24.95 for each volume and are top quality editions.

When I called The Way's office, a lady there who I ordered the three vol. Interlinear from, said that they are always available, but not on their online have to call and ask for them. I don't even think that they mention them at their site, which is kind of strange right?

I'm wondering if they might not be too fond of them over there, but would like to sell them off? They haven't been updated since the 80s, and maybe they never sold too well? The office lady seemed to love them though and said she had her own I don't know.

Q: Was this translation the basis for James Trimm's Hebrew Roots NT? I think I heard that before, but not sure.

They look good to me so far, as for accuracy of translation, but would like it better if they had been more true to the Aramaic wordings, like "Alaha" "Marya" "Eshu M'shikha" and The Rukha d'Qudsha, but it's an English translation right? Not a transliteration <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/wink1.gif" alt="Wink" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink --> Though I'm glad to look at some English translations from Aramaic Manuscripts from the 5th-6th century.

Shamasha Paul, do you know what the origin of these four MS might be? They have some of the Western readings, so I don't think they would be from The Church of the East, right? Also, do you know of any way to get a copy of the text you use for The Eastern Peshitta? I need to ask Qasha Lawrence about a neat New Testament he has which I saw one day while I was talking to him, he was showing me its text, were the original Aramaic text is paralleled with the modern Assyrian text. Not sure what it's called, but I want one of those for sure too.



Shlama Akhi Chuck,

I believe their text is the UBS text, which would represent the Western manuscript tradition. A quick check of Acts 20:28 should verify that if you flip to that verse (the litmus test).

I believe Janet specifically worked on the concordance portion, which also is the basis of SEDRA (George Kiraz's database he created from their raw text files after obtaining permission.) It's SEDRA that is the basis of the Lexicon I use on this website, which also has the credits to both SEDRA and The Way International (after receiving permission from them to use it.) We are all connected in that sense from the massive work they did. It's not perfect (many errors in the Lexicon), but I am not able to legally modify it in any way.

Here is a copy of the official Church of the East text (modern font with vowel markings.)


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