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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
:'s pretty neat right, for the Peshitto version. It certainly gets the Yoda award though.

Hey...I got the Interlinears from TWI in the mail yesterday...and they are awesome! A true Interlinear, in un-pointed Estrangelo script, numbered to their concordance and Jennings lexicon, plus a stand-alone Aramaic New Testament in Estrangelo Script, which they offer with their matching set of study helps that go with them.

The Interlinear is on the right hand pages, and the left hand pages have the interlinear wording given in translation form, (like J.P.Green's interlinear does) on half the left page (right side) and the left side of the left page has the KJV for comparison...and it's all in a good size font too, thus the 3 volumes.

The Aramaic text itself, both the interlinears and the one volume Aramaic New Testament, is from four of the oldest known MS, from the 5th-6th century for the 22 books, and the Harklean version for the W5. I have found the Aramaic text so far to be a pretty even mix of Eastern and Western readings, with it's text going sometimes with what is found in the UBS edition and sometimes with the text of The Khabouris Manuscript.

I haven't seen any doctrinal bias yet, concerning the Deity of Christ in the few places that I've checked, but need to look at more places. Do you have some verses in mind that I can check?

These books are supper quality and priced half as much and even less than half as Magiera's interlinears and helps, which she says uses the UBS critical text.



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