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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?

Ok it goes. This is pretty much how the whole NT is rendered...makes for some fun reading, with some words being coined by Mr. Jahn. --> "doctrinating"

The Aramaic New Covenant: A Literal Translation & Transliteration by Herb Jahn

LUQA 20:1-8

1 And so be it, on one of those days when he is doctrinating, the people in the priestal precinct and evangelizing, the ribbi priests and the scribes with the elders, are standing over him
2 and they are wording to him, Word to us by whose sultanship you work these and who gives you this sultanship?
3 And Yah Shua answers, wording to them, I also ask you one word: and you word to me:
4 The Baptizing of Yah Chanan ? be it of the heavens, or of the sons of humanity?
5 And they are reckoning with their souls, wording, if we word, Of the heavens, he words, Because why trust you him not?
6 and if we word, Of humanity, all the people stone us: for they are convinced that Yah Chanan is a prophet.
7 ? and they word to him, We know not whence he is.
8 and Yah Shua words to them, Neither word I ? I to you by whose sultanship I word these.


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