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DrawCloser Wrote:Hi Stephen, I emailed before about this,

I want to make sure -- can the Khabouris transcription be used as a derivative work?

May you please answer me in email / PM?

Shlama Draw Closer:
I have no idea what you are talking about. What do you mean by dirivitive work? Be very clear and rephrase your request. Dirivitive work can be interpreted in various ways. I want to be sure I'm understanding your primary request. If you want to quote small portions feel free. If you want to use the transcription in it's entirety without any changes, feel free. Do not expect me to tolerate any changes (except verifiabletextual corrections) to any part of the main body of the work. Doing so violates the cohesiveness of the work and it will confuse people, and it will become something other than the Peshitta. Don't use substitute words anywhere in the text. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

Stephen Silver

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