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Question For Brother Paul (Or Any Other Peshitta Scholar)
Thanks, I really appreciate it. I have been having a rough time lately so please keep me in prayer. One thing interesting about Etheridge is that I have noticed that he occasionally incorporates the Eastern reading (such as in Acts 20:28, making it read "Meshiha" instead of "Aloha"). I know you said something about how Murdock sticks more to the Western Peshitto than Etheridge does...this is one instance that shows that. I prefer the Etheridge (which seems almost like the Young's Literal Translation of Syriac New Testament translations) over the Murdock. I am not a "Sacred Namer" but I do like it when they translate the Aramaic in a style where they transliterate the names, like Etheridge does (even though "Jeshu" is not an accurate way to put Jesus' name, but I guess he must have got it from the pronunciation "Eshoo").

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