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Aramaic English New Testament 4th Ed.
It seems like a pretty accurate translation. It is very literal and has the actual Peshitta text available. There is some theological bias in the translation (not much) but usually his "interpretations" are enclosed in parenthesis instead of being inserted into the translation. His commentary is extremely apologetic towards Jews and Gentiles obeying the Mosaic Torah. He also isn't Trinitarian, which isn't a problem to me (being a Oneness Pentecostal), but most people would not like that part of his commentary! I'm very excited for his Old Testament translation! The AENT uses the Paul Younan and James Murdock translations as the base text, so it reads quite similar with them. The Aramaic "MarYah" is translated as "Master YHWH". "Alaha" is translated as "Elohim".

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