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New Khabouris Scans...Betterlight. Has this been seen?
Everyone needs to get on the same page with the date of the Khabouris Codex...I just read this today from the site that sells the AENT.

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This page says that the Khabouris was scribed in the year 164...but noted that it is said by some to date from around the year 210...Paul says sometime around early 400s...and other sites say it is dated about the year we have a swing time of about a 1000 years!!!

Anyway...I got a message back from Better Light...and they said they have no idea where either the Khabouris Codex is, nor where the person (Eric Rivera) is who made the images and had them with him when he left. So hopefully the better images will surface some day.

Anybody working on getting a printed copy of either the Mingana or the Yonan Codex?

What I would love to see is a real Aramaic/English interlinear printed edition with the direct words under each word like Paul has...speaking of that, what Aramaic Manuscript is the one shown here at


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