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Miltha vs Logos

I read somewere once that John used this "Greek" term, that the Greek people understood it from the Greek philosophers that taught about it...and checked it out once and found a number of times it was used to express a concept of the nature of I wondered, if the Gospel of John was indeed written in Aramaic for an Aramaic audience, then it must be the case with those people groups as well...

So, does "Miltha" translate striaght into "Logos" and carries the same concept?

I see it's meaning being --> the Divine expression of God's will and mind, proceeeding forth from Him. Like a spoken word, is realating that which the mind has thought...the utterance or manifestation/revelation of what was hidden, but now made known, through the agency of the Word.

I think this is what The Holy Spirit through John is conveying...if I am not mistaken. Not that God's Miltha is an abstract concept though, but His "Offspring"...Light from Light, Spirit from Spirit...God from God, as the Creed teaches.


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