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eastern and western
Shlama Akhi Albion,

Matthew 6:32 in the Eastern Peshitta has one more word -"d'alma" ("of the world") after "amma"-"people".
The following is from a recent post of mine on the subject:

Quote: I have Stephen Silver's transcription of The Khabouris, which I have compared with The 1905 Peshitta in the 22 book canon. After tallying the differences of abbreviated spelling of common compound words in the 1905 which are split into two words in Khabouris, I find about 834 letters separating the two versions, after excluding the Pericope Adultera from the letter count for the 22 books both versions share. That is 0.2% of The Letter count of The Khabouris. That leaves 99.8% agreement in letter number between the two Peshitta versions. Most of these 0.2% do not change the meaning of the text significantly, if at all. If half of them change the meaning somewhat, that would leave 99.9% agreement; only 0.1% of any meaningful difference. Out of approx. 100,000 words, that represents about 100 words of any meaningful difference between the two Peshitta's.
The two Peshittas- (Eastern Khabouris and Western critical edition) are practically identical in the texts they share in common. 0.1% difference is not significant at all.
The Church of The East has not pronounced the Western Five books as apocryphal or uninspired. They accept that they may be apostolic. They just never had them in their original canon, perhaps because their canon was settled very early (AD 50) before those books were written.

The fact that those books and even the pericope adultera is in The Eastern Assyrian Peshitta NT should tell us that we should not be quick to reject what may be the inspired word of God in those epistles.

And I am glad you are writing to me again.

Shlama lak,


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