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For the King
Quote:I am a counselor at a Christian camp

Hi Brecker:
More often than not, your request will fall on deaf ears on these forums. The Assyrian language and text type is too precious and holy to permanently ink one's body with. Why would you or any other Christian permanently mar your body in the false belief that it honours God? Do you really think a tattoo is pleasing to our gracious LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ? So-called "christian tattoos" are an afront to God, who created you in His Image. If you really want to please KING JESUS live a life that is exemplary to those around you rather than fulfilling an ultimately selfish vanity like "getting a macho Aramaic tattoo". What kind of message does that send to your peers and the young and impressionable ones you are called to guide, being a counselor of a Christian camp? Do you think that Jesus Christ is some kind of macho tatooed warrior? Aramaic and Hebrew text types are far to beautiful to use for permanently marking the body in a vain and childish display.
Usually the Aramaic scholars on this forum just ignore "Aramaic and Hebrew tattoo requests". I'm going to set the record straight by saying that true and faithful believers in Jesus Christ (Yeshua Mashikha), if they are worth their salt and light, do not condone tattoos for any purpose, but especially when it is for the purpose of desecrating the body in the false belief that it is pleasing to God.


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