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"Was the NT Really Written in Greek?" soon to be published!!
Hello Everyone!

Okay firstly, thankyou Ewan for all your hard work and support, and also for mentioning here at these forums.

I used to be regular here and was quite insensitive to some people, including Paul Younan. I have apologised many times, my behaviour was not optimal. I have grown a lot in the last few years. I communicate better, I am more sensitive to others' beliefs and culture, and their feelings. Currently working on a Masters of Applied Finance (with view to getting the CFP and PhD soon after - lord help us... Dr. Raph!), I am very busy but very motivated and passionate in everything that I do. After battling with depression in 2005, I turned my life around in 2006, leaving my abusive guardians, finding the love of my life (wedding is next September!), changing careers, eliminating debt, and constantly working on improving myself and this book. I am someone with unlimited ambition and belief and I will not stop until Aramaic Primacy hits the mainstream.

As a result WNTRWIG? is of a far higher quality than before. I have removed any references to particular churches, anything that was too controversial. The new intro demonstrates this powerfully:

"This book is not about religion.

This book is not about whether or not Christianity is the 'true faith'.

This book is not about whether we were created by God or by chance.

This book is about whether the New Testament was written in Greek, or in Aramaic.

There are many books out there on..."

I have spent years of my young life (24 next month!) working on this book and website at my own expense. It will always be available for free. Now hardcopies will be available print-on-demand, due to constant requests.

Please get behind this project. If you read the book, you will see that it is just one great example after another, it is not controversial as it and I used to be. There are no more insensitive comments to certain people or groups. It is purely about the evidence of the NT mss.

We would like to get it out now in actual stores as Ewan mentioned, we are $700 off our target. Please help us get this out there, we have big plans for this.

Any surplus monies will go towards further promotion of the Aramaic and perhaps to a non-profit org that I and some of my investment/finance colleagues are in the process of creating (a system the world has never seen before - the charity world is full of well-meaning lovely people who have no idea about finance). We are negotiating sponsorship with one of the major banks of Australia. The success and exposure of these two projects will help each other.

Thankyou to everyone here who has contributed to this work. You know who you are and all are mentioned in the book! Paul, AGR, David, Valentin, Larry, Ewan, etc you guys are legends!

Best Regards,

Raphael Lataster, BPharm, ADFS(FP), JP

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