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Need ideas for a ring design.....
Abishua Wrote:Hi,

A friend of my sister is set on designing a ring with "Bride of Christ" written on it in Greek. I convinced him to look at other options, such as having it written in Hebrew or Aramaic.

I also thought that maybe you all may have a better idea than "Bride of Christ". Such as "set apart unto Yah" or something like that.

I don't know, just thought it would be a neat Friday activity....Have Fun!

Shlama Abishua:
One traditional wedding ring is "ani l'dodi v'dodi li" "I (am) for my beloved and my beloved (is) for mine".
yl ydwdw ydwdl yn'
This is from Song of Solomon 6:3. This wording wraps around the band for both rings.

In order to view this correctly you must download the SIL Ezra Hebrew font. Go to Introduction and then Fonts


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