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Are There Any Mathematicians That Believe in the Codes?
Thank you, my Brother Otto, for your kind words. I do hope you are wrong about the effect my claim for codes may have on views of my translation.

I tend to believe that most people will judge the translation on its own merits, and will be forgiving of any disagreement about codes, as you have been.
Most people are basically kind hearted and reasonable, I believe.

I have made little reference to the codes in either translation's introduction. Only the interlinear has the long codes listed in an appendix, for those interested. Most people will take little notice of the appendix.

Thanks again. Your words of commendation actually encourage me that the work will find acceptance among the public, in time.

People are hungry for timeless truth, which The Peshitta New Testament certainly is. I pray it will bring a great reformation and spiritual awakening from Heaven to the earth.

Breek aat hu min Alaha Avoon (You are blessed of God our Father),


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