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Praise Yahuah we have the perfect new, but what of the Old?
I posted something similar to this before in the past before got hacked into, but I can no longer find it nor use this thing as well. I praise God that through D. Bauscher's wonderful research, we have the original NT on the face of this earth. (Please take no offense that I am a fan of Dave's work and believe that HIS version is the true new testament of Elohim, letter to letter as his codes confirm. This is my personal belief, and I believe all you scholars are men of Elohim for your work anyway.

However, the OT seems to be a bit more complex. There are many variations in the Masoretic, Lxx, and Targums. The Masoretic seems to be heavily errored in many places, and the OT verses dont seem to match up with the fulfilled NT prophecies a lot of the time, while the LXX and the Targums sometimes do. There are many more examples to give, but my wrists are hurting now so I'd rather not go into it.

So heres a basic question for anybody who wishes to answer-do you think our OT today in most Bibles has enough errors to be suspicious of it? Am I straining at a gnat? Am I wrong for wanting a COMPLETELY perfect Bible? Is there a way to reconstruct the OT to find its true origins and figure out all the mismatches and errors? <!-- sSleepy --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sleepy.gif" alt="Sleepy" title="Sleepy" /><!-- sSleepy -->

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Praise Yahuah we have the perfect new, but what of the Old? - by rungold315 - 01-25-2008, 05:25 AM

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