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Janet Magiera's Peshitta New Testament
Here's what Janet Magiera wrote in her 'Introduction' to her "Peshitta":

"The text used in this translation as the base text is taken from The Syriac New Testament and Psalms, published by the United Bible Societies. In 1905, the British and Foreign Bible Society published an edition of the Peshitta, reprinted by permission from a critical edition prepared by Rev. G. H. Gwilliam in 1901. This is a critical text of the Peshitta, meaning that ***it is a composite of readings from different manuscripts that were located in the British Museum***. ***It is known as a western text of the Peshitta and varies to a small degree from other eastern versions of the Peshitta***. In the footnotes, these differences from the eastern version are noted as variant readings. In this translation, the text is called THE PESHITTA. However, some would distinguish that the Peshitta is the name for ***only the eastern version*** and that the western text should be called Peshito. In order to simplify the reference in this translation, BOTH VERSIONS are called the Peshitta."

There it is, right in her own words.

And, I might add, that like Victor Alexander's 'Disciples New Testament', some of the BEST of Janet Magiera's stuff is IN THE FOOTNOTES.

I hope that this helps clarify that she used the Western Peshitto as her base text.

Shlama, Albion

jhguynn Wrote:I recently acquired Bibleworks version 7 and was delighted to learn that it comes with a copy of Janet Magiera's Peshitta New Testament. Then I read here that it is supected to be the Peshitto rather than Peshitta. Can anyone elaborate on how we can be certain that it is really the Peshitto (and not the Peshitta)?

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