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New Translation of The Peshitta published!
Shlama Akhi Albion,

The whole Interlinear is $42.95, so it is affordable in hardback print. You can get the two volumes in paper coil bound for $19.99 each. I never really had three volumes, though I had thought it might have been required at one point.
The new Plain English translation is available for 36 dollars and change plus shipping.

I have transliterated most names of persons and places except familiar OT names. "Yeshua" is used throughout instead of "Jesus" and "Messiah" instead of "Christ", as "Messiah" is actually the English transliteration of the Aramaic "Meshikha". I excepted the Name of God "Maryah" and the title "Alaha" and chose to use the more familiar Old testament translations of the Hebrew - "Yehovah" , which many Hebrew scholars in Israel have confirmed as the OT Hebrew Name and which the Peshitta OT translates invariably as "MarYah". I also translate "Alaha" as "God", even as I would trranslate Elohim as "God". The Aramaic Maryah is almost completely unfamiliar to English readers, and I wanted to give a translation with transliterations, where possible, which would still be favorably received by as many readers as possible without compromising accuracy.

Maryah means "Lord Yah", "Yah" is a short form of "Yehovah" (Jehovah is the familiar English transliteration) which I am very comfortable using and presenting to Bible readers. Most people who read the Bible at all are familiar with it and so I have usually translated "Maryah" as "The Lord Jehovah" in the Plain English translation. It is accurate and understandable.
I have no compunctions about using God's name in Hebrew, Aramaic or English, but I made an English translation which should appeal to English readers, so I have translated God's titles and Name as clearly as I could, instead of transliterating them. I also have listed the Aramaic names and titles in notes, to familiarize the reader with them, but I don't want to scare off the uninitiated with strange and confusing words in a book about God which does not even contain the word "God" one time in English. That strikes me as extremely artificial and strange.

Using the word "Jehovah" should not present a problem, and I am not afraid of using that old King James translation word, found also in other famous Bible translations.

As to the codes, I can say that the long Gospel poetry codes were found in the 27 book canon. The short Divine Name codes are found in Eastern and Western Peshitta texts, both, in highly significant numbers. I cannot tell God which text is proper to encode; neither can you.Simply stated,the codes authenticate both Eastern and Western canons.
I hope this is helpful. Thanks for your interest and inquiries.


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