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New Translation of The Peshitta published!
Dear Dave,

I thought about e-mailing you privately about this.

But I've lost your e-mail address.

I think that maybe this is better said in public anyways.

I got your 'Aramaic Peshitta in Plain English' as a download.

I DO like it A LOT!

I copied it onto paper, but not before someone hacked my Lulu account, and I had to pay for it TWICE.

I actually KNOW who did this, if you'd like to know too, just PM me.

But that's a minor thing really. Like swatting a mosquito sort of.

But I have three concerns that I'd like to ask you about here.

First, the price for all three volumes of your Aramaic/English Interlinear New Testament are like $157.00......or something near that.

And I think that there's shipping costs on top of THAT.

Dave, that is *unaffordable* to most of us here on this board.

Yes, I understand for about $20.00 you can buy ALL of your materials on a disk.

A disk requires a computer. There are times in the recent past that I've been without a computer for a long period of time.....and none of this was my fault.

I want a BOOK that you can hold in your hand.

I have the first volume of your Aramaic/English Interlinear Gospels.

But honestly, the other two volumes are out of my price range.

The same holds true for Victor Alexander's new Aramaic to English translation.....he wants $100.00 for it, not counting shipping.

Yet, when I bought his 'Disciples New Testament' back in 2001, it was only about $45.00, maybe less.

If you guys really want to put your books into the hands of readers, you need to consider bringing the price DOWN to where the average person can afford them.

Secondly, using 'Jehovah'. When MarYah (or Marya) or Alaha, is G-d's Name in Aramaic, I just don't understand this.

Yes, I know that 'Jehovah' has a long historical use by various English speaking people groups, but we're talking about translating the P'shitta N.T. here Dave.

This is light years away from your average Old English Bible translation. Wouldn't you agree?

And lastly, how COULD the text of the WESTERN PESHITTO have a New Testament code hidden within it?

It seems to me that if YHWH was going to insert a message behind the text, that He would have chosen *the Eastern P'shitta Text* to do this with.

I make NO claims to be a student of the Bible Codes, so maybe I'm missing something very important here, I just don't know.

But if you have the time and energy, I'd love it if you'd answer these questions.

Thank you so much! Shlama, Albion

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