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The Book of Yashar/Praise

The other day I was just glancing over the book of Yashar [<a href="" target="new" title="link to the Book of Yashar">source</a>] and I was pondering on what the Eastern [compared to the Western] thought might be!

And, since I was trying to find out about this in the Eastern ???thought??? I went back to the Peshitta TaNaKa that is available through the web and looked at Joshua 10:13.
And to my surprise Yashar was not mentioned. Instead I found, <FONT face="estrangelo (v1.1)" size=5>0txb$t</font>, which meant ???praise/psalm/glory/splender/hymn/dogma???

Then I turned to a Hebrew writing and if I am correct, it read, ???Yashar???. <!-- sHuh --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/huh.gif" alt="Huh" title="Huh" /><!-- sHuh -->
Can anyone who knows about this area please elaborate on this topic for me?
[is it talking about the same Book as Yashar? Etc???.]

I also want to ask, would the earlier people who would have used the Peshitta have had any more knowledge about this Book, say for example through texts that have survived to this day?

It will be intresting what will come out of this!! [something good and knowledgable i hope]
[p.s. no quarreling in this thread; it make me <!-- s:onfire: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/onfire.gif" alt=":onfire:" title="On Fire" /><!-- s:onfire: --> ]
Thank you,
May the Mercy-of-our-God and the Compassion-of-our-Lord be with you all.

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