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Aramaic spoken in Gibson's "The Passion" is faked
Shlama kalhown,

I am very tired of hearing and reading criticism of others who have done something wonderful ,whose critics would never even attempt to do , much less improve upon. They are spectators sitting on the sidelines yelling profanities at those doing the hard work of performing something difficult for the benefit of others.
I and many others have been greatly blessed by Mel Gibson's work - "The Passion of The Christ." I believe he was led by God in its production. The Aramaic in the movie was not faked. Most Aramaeans who saw the movie were thrilled to hear Aramaic spoken on a big screen from a script of the Gospel story.

What do you eat when you get up , Oozeaddai, green persimmons ? How many Aramaeans agree with your view of the movie and of our Lord's cry from the cross ?
I doubt there are many.

There are two Aramaic versions in the gospels of the cry from the cross, in Mark and in Matthew. There is also the Hebrew and Aramaic of Psalms 22:1 . I know the Hebrew text cannot mean what you claim Yeshua (Eshoo) said- [and BTW, Yeshua is not the phonetic spelling, simply the written transliteration of the Aramaic , which is identical to the Hebrew].
The Hebrew is the original text and language of the Tanach.
The Messiah's words were recorded there 1000 years before He uttered them, and the entire Psalm 22 is a prophecy of His crucifixion. The Hebrew decides the meaning. Your theology cannot decide it, for your theology is not the arbiter of the truth of scripture. Scripture is the arbiter of theology and falsehood.

There is too much tail wagging the dog in religious opinion and doctrine.
What weight can our words have against one word of the Eternal ?

Burktha w' shlama b' Meshikha,

Dave B
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