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Translation Issues
Praise the Lord!

Thanks for bearing with me for my showing of my ignorance.

If you had posted to me yesterday, I might have replied right back and said, Transliteration is impossible for Chinese. LOL.

I have been struggling within myself of the translation issues as I indeed have some disability in any language.

As you know Chinese dont have letters but characters instead. That is the reason why I had thought Chinese dont have transliteration issue before I looked it up from a dictionary.

All bilical names in Chinese are indeed transliterated, mostly as close to the original sounds possible, except some of those in the NT with the inflence of Greek mss.

Jesus was translitered good enough as YESU.

Joshua was as YUESHUYA.

Messiah was as MISAIYA.

But mostly another name for MISAIYA is JIDU, which is used by all with comfort. I dont have how the original translator choosing JIDU, not a transliteration to me.

Jehovah as YEHEHUA.

Yahweh as YAWEI. which is used only in a sermon addressing the Names of God.

I got to run. God bless you!

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