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A gift
Shlama Dave,

Your next move is to say that Muhammad (an illiterate) somehow heard in detail the advancements of Galen, a second century physician, and then copied these ideas on paper.

Unfortunate for you, brother sir, there has been no evidence to prove Galen's teachings were transmitted to Muhammad either in its original language or in Arabic.

However, this is my next move. Now pay attention to the chessboard.

I am going to charge the Bible of plagurism.

Let's read a passage from A History of Embryology by Joseph Needham.

Embryology in Antiquity

During the period when the biological school of Alexandria was at its height, that city became an important Jewish centre. Two centuries later it was to produce Philo, but now the Alexandrian Jews were writing that part of the modern Bible known as the Wisdom Literature. In books such as the Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus, Proverbs, etc. the typical Hellenic exclusion of the action of gods in natural phenomena is clearly to be seen. There are two passages of embryological importance. Firstly, in the Book of Job (10:10), Job is made to say,

"Remember, I beseech thee, that thou hast fashioned me as clay; and wilt thou bring me into the dust again! Hast thou not poured me out as milk, and curdled me like cheese? Thou hast clothed me with skin and flesh, and knit me together with bones and sinews."

On the Generation of Animals, Aristotle (384 BC???322 BC) wrote

"The male provides the ???form??? and the ???principle of the movement,??? the female provides the body, in other words the material. Compare the coagulation of milk. Here, milk is the body, and the fig-juice or rennet contains the principle which causes it to set."

This comparison of embryogeny with the making of cheese is interesting in view of the fact that precisely the same comparison occurs in Aristotle's book On the Generation of Animals, as we have already seen" Joseph Needham, A History of Embryology, Cambridge University Press, 1959.

Interestingly enough, the only other embryological reference in the Wisdom Literature, which occurs in the Wisdom of Solomon (vii. 2), also copies an Aristotelian theory, namely, that the embryo is formed from (menstrual) blood (payback).

There the speaker says,

"In the womb of a mother was I moulded into flesh in the time of ten months, being compacted with blood of the seed of man and the pleasure that accompanieth sleep."

"Perhaps it is no coincidence that both these citations can be referred back to Aristotle, and in the second case even to Hippocrates; perhaps the Alexandrian Jews of the third century B.C. were studying Aristotle as attentively as Philo Judaeus studied Plato a couple of hundred years later"Joseph Needham, A History of Embryology, Cambridge University Press, 1959.

The Wisdom of Solomon is sacred to the Roman Catholics (who make up more than half of the Christian population). It was also discovered at Qumran alongside the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Now compare II Kings 19 to Isaiah 37 (attributed by two or more different authors). You will notice a 100% word agreement.

Literary theft.

Make your move.
???Do not give up, for that is ignorance and not according to the rules of this art... Like the lover, you cannot hope to achieve success without infinite perseverance.???

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