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Help with NA27
Yes, you should get the printed copy. It is one of the "must have" tools for Bible students. The critical apparatus of NA27 is very comprehensive but incomplete.

Have you heard of "Novum Testamentum Graecum Editio Critica Maior" ? Barbara Aland is the chief editor of this project.

I can't wait to get this edition once it is published in its entirety. A few years back I heard that the Epistle of James and Catholic Epistles have been published. It includes all the variants found in the Greek mss selected & in the quotations by the Greek Church Fathers. It further includes all the non-intraversional variants of the most important early versions, as well as the evidence of the other versions to the extent these are available in scholarly editions and research publications. This will be the ultimate tool for Bible students who do not have access to the ancient mss of the NT.

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