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Randolph O. Yeager
gbausc Wrote:Shlama Akhi Addai,

If our Lord and His disciples and most of Israel spoke Greek, we would expect the opposite to what we do find. We should find some Greek phrases transliterated and then translated into the Aramaic in the Aramaic versions.
We do not find this. Thus the internal Greek evidence supports an Aramaic original and the Aramaic versions do not support a Greek original.

I again refer you to my web site
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for the article on Greek - Aramaic in The Peshitta and also "The Greek word ermeneuo ..."

Tibotha w'burkhtha,


Well in my third Aramaic Apologetics thread, the individual did admit or acknowedge that yes he expected that there would be signs of Aramaic language on some of the original sayings, parables, sermons etc. of Jesus found in the Gospels

But his position, that in terms of writing he said the Greek came first. And I have pointed out the linguistics etc. The very fact that there is a Peshitta is something I think that never gets covered. And the fact, that this reveals very nuances like "the rope through the eye of the needle", the rhyming of Jesus various sermons, and various other middle eastern nuances. Is a testimony of its value. And if you study Church history of the entire world, and not jsut the western hemisphere. Then the idea of this becomes even more plausable.

While I hate to use some of the "Political Correctness" buzzwords I heard back in my college days. Some of it really fits here. I think seminaries have had an "western-centric" view of the Church and the scriptures. There is hardly any mention of there being a Persian and Asiatic church. Your lucky if you here one or two sentences of that in any Church History book. And I when I first met that one American bishop who had COE apolstolic lines some of his tales sounded a bit incredible. I wondered why I hadn't heard anything about Aramaic scriptures or an Asiatic Church before. It sounded almost like discovering the dinosaurs or the Lochness monster.

Any I know some Orthodox call their Faith "Americas Best Kept Secret", but when it comes to things like Aramaic Scriptures, and The Church of the East, and even the other Syriac churches, like the Jacobites and Maronites, I think these Syriac Churches are really "The Best Kept secret" of Christianity. The only people up until very recently that have taken them seriously besides their own ethnics really has been a few antiquites professors like Voobus, and Berkit etc. But the weight of opinion for the last few centuries and the lack of early manuscript evidence has made it that even the early Aramaic academics could not escape this western biased mindset.

Any its the mind set, and the huge weight of poorly formed academic opinion thats the obstacle. And well another angle too is that in order to come through to the idea of Aramaic supremacy you do be willing to go through a paradigm shift. And some of that involves study. And quite frankly so many people don't want to devote times to looking at the data is the biggest problem.

I have found however sharing material from LAmsa and from this web site has been popular among the new breed of "post modern evangelicals". And "the Aramaic heritage behind the new testament" has been some of the most wide read discussion threads I've ever done. But you know it's amazing after you do one of those threads, how fast things shift back to Greek primacy assumptions. It seems within just 2-4 weeks. It's almost like if you want this position to continue to be considered you have to constantly push and debate to keep it in the public spot light otherwise it will be quickly forgotten.

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