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Randolph O. Yeager
Shlama Akhi Larry,

Quote:In order to really get the attention of the academic world in a profound way, we wouldn't present the weakest Aramaic scholarship we could find and compare it to the weakest Greek scholarship we could find

I agree, we wouldn't.

Are we simply comparing scholarship in general, or are we comparing arguments and evidence for Greek primacy and Aramaic primacy ? Does Yeager even address the question ? Very few scholars do.

If Yeager's 18 volumes were filled with evidence for Greek primacy, we might have a problem on our hands. I have little fear of that. He probably has very little knowledge of Aramaic and of The Peshitta, much less of the evidence we have uncovered for Peshitta primacy.

I do believe we need to know Greek fairly well in order to argue credibly with Greek primacists. I do know Greek fairly well, having studied my Greek NT's for thirty years as well as NT Textual Criticism. It has been a serious issue for me , both in university and since graduation and in the ministry.

Even weak arguments for Peshitta primacy are better than no arguments for Greek primacy. Most of what I have heard for Greek primacy is not arguments, just noise.

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Dave Bauscher

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