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Paul's beating Acts 21:32
My question is why do you think there was "a problem" with Paul. Verse 17 starts off with "When we arrived at Urishlem, the brothers received us with great happiness". Eventually you get to verse 32 "And when they saw the Chief Captain and the soldiers, they ceased from beating Paul.
My own answer my not suit your readers even today. These Jews who wanted Paul dead were all "zealous for Torah". So if Paul preached that he was dead to Torah Romans 7:4. people like AGR think I am under a deception to confirm that I am now dead to sin, which comes about by my being alive and under the requirements of Torah, but now consider myself slain. I am now alive as a new man made alive in the Spirit, as of His resurection. I fully appreciate that Satan tells me my understanding is wrong. AGR will too! This is why the dear zealous Torah Christians would have torn Paul in half if they had had their way.
Speaking of being dead to sin, It seems that you may have "a problem" with AGR.

Aldred, do you see that the Peshitta brings out more clearly the doctrine which teaches that the ones who have been born from above are indeed dead to sin, and thus free from the law of sin and death, after they are made alive in M'shikha, and have thus passed from death to life, and are no longer a slave to sin, but a slave to righteousness?

Maybe you can show some examples where the Peshitta brings this out more clearly than the Greek text.

All that you quote I of course agree with. So I should not be torn myself from limb to limb!
But if you cannot answer the question raised you must admit to lack of understanding.
Paul taught that God's giving of the Torah was like a school master exposing to ourselves our true state. Some of your team have said surely God would expect us to be able to keep the requirements of the law. This may seem just from God's standpoint but its our old nature that makes it impossible not God's holy requirements. If this was not so it would have been unnecessary for the death of Yeshua. I now have his conferred righteousness. Hence my pleasing God now takes on a new status. The law was given by Moses, Grace and truth now subsist through Yeshua Mashiac. This is why dear AGR is not with it as far as I am concerned. Historically Peter did not realize that Paul's gospel preaching would require this understanding.
Personally I could make the case for being under law, Ha Torah. As circumcised I would not make a problem. I can say that Saturday is the day I remember my Creator. I could go up to Yerushalayim for the 8th October, the Feast of Booths, one of the times I must appear before God. But all this would constitute a religious observance to fit in with those who are Torah observant.
Paul tried hard to bridge the gap in the scripture quoted, Paul's beating Acts 21:32, but there was a problem!

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