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Book of Revelation
Only the first 5 books of the New Testament are shown on this site, where is the one for the Book of Revelation?
Revelation, Jude, II Peter, and II & III John are mot part pf the Peshitta. They were not ever rejected by the Church of the East, just never added. These five books can be found in Aramaic in the Peshitto, Harklean, and Crawford versions. There is a strong case for Aramaic originals behind the missing five books. The Interlinear is also still in the works.
1st Peter has always been part of the Aramaic New Testament canon of The Church of the East, and in the Aramaic MSS that I have seen it always follows the Letter of James, then it is followed by the Letter of John (1st John), where all three follow The Acts of The Shlikhe/Apostles, then followed by the Letters of Shlikha/Apostle Paul in their usual order. These 22 books were 1st given to The Church of the East by The Shlikhe (Apostles) themselves in the 1st century.

The Aramaic New Testament books they received did not have the Book of Revelation, The Letter of Jude, The 2nd letter of Peter, or The 2nd and 3rd letters of John. These books/letters were much later translated from the Greek copies, by the Syriac Orthodox Church, after they were finally accepted as genuine by the Western branches of The Church. They were never part of The Original Aramaic New Testament/The Peshitta, and as well, the Western version have some added readings/words, and verse portions/phrases, which the Syrian Orthodox Church added into The Original Peshitta Text.

I am wondering what is this "strong case" SS2? Can you show us where you heard it, or perhaps you can present it on the forum, so we can hear/see it?

What we know, is that these books were not part of the collection given to The Church of the East by the Shlikhe in the 1st century. That there were long disputes in the West about their authenticity among the Greek branch of The Church, until they finally decided to fully accept them into their canon, and reject those other books which where sometimes used in their churches, and copied in some of their New Testament MSS, like The Shepherd of Hermes, the Letter of Barnabas, and the 1st letter of Clement.

And surprisingly, even till the mid 1800's A.D. The Church of the East did not have these other 5 books in their possession, or even knew about them. After they were shown them, they didn't reject them, but have not added them to their ancient official 22 book canon. Some say they are "missing" in The Peshitta MSS, but no, they are/were not missing, or ever lost from it, just that they were never part of it to begin with, and these 5 books/letters may not have even been written at the time the Shlikhe (the Apostles) gave the 22 Books/Letters of the Aramaic New Testament to The Church of the East about the year 78 A.D. After the Church in Jerusalem settled in the East, after the destruction of the Temple and the end of the Jewish nation/state in 70 A.D.
There's been several people discuss this on the forum, but most of it is for the Book of Revelation. The rest of the Books are so small it's hard to collect evidence, I'd imagine. The part about I Peter was an accident by the way. The Church of the East never has rejected these books (ask Brother Paul), just never added them because they were not given to them directly by the apostles. I do believe in a 27-book Canon of Holy New Covenant Scripture but I hold nothing against those that do not.

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