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1861 letter written in Aramaic from Irak to France

I scan ebay every other day or so for rare manuscripts in Aramaic, Hebrew, Ladino and Judeo-Persian and happened upon this letter. I'm not going to bid on it but thought others might find it interesting to take a look.

Description of seller:
Quote:FRANCE. 1861 (Oct 3). Entire letter written in Aramaic Language from MARDIN, IRAQ from a 'silk worm' dealer to Marseille, sent unpaid and outside of the Mails. Posted in Marseille and taxed for local delivery with France 1861 Postage Due typographed 10c. black imperforate tied by Marseille cds. Extremely rare entire. Ceres 2.

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The current bid is US $3,625.00! That's awesome.

It's very hard to make out this person's handwriting, but I think the author of this letter is writing to inform someone of a death. In the top-left corner of the letter, I can make out the Neo-Aramaic spelling of "mith la min . . ." meaning "she died from . . ."

Very interesting. Thank you for sharing this, yaaqub.

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