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Help, I need Aramaic texts!

I'm bussy working on a new translation of Revelation (which will include Judeo-Aramaic amplifications) and I need to get hold of these two texts:

Crawford Codex & 1891 Mosul Text. Any idea where I can get these, preferably in electronic format?


This sounds like a very interesting project. I wish you much luck in your endeavor.

I'm not sure about an electronic text of Mosul text but you can get the hard copy in square Hebrew script from They have it in Aramaic with a Hebrew translation. Very nice. It is all the books of the Peshitta with the Western 5.
Thanx so much for the encouragement Ya'aqub, admittedly I am an amature but I do have most of the neccessary tools for this prodject (I don't know what I'd do without BibleWorks, lol), but I need lots of prayer. I'm also not fluent in Greek (although I am Greek) and I know very little Aramaic & Hebrew so I'll need lots of help, and I encourage anyone who wants to help and contribute to this project, so any experts in the field of textual criticism & the Aramaic language are most welcome to participate.

I want to make sure that this new translation will be as accurate as possible. I will release it in the public domain when it's complete (maybe right here at, if Paul Younan gives me the green light). The translation is for ordinary Bible readers as opposed to scholars and therefore must have references that are easily obtainable (eg from the internet) becuase my motto concerning these things is "don't believe what you read check it out for yourself", so I want to be honest with readers and encourage them to check the resources and pray to The Master for wisdom & guidance.

This translation will be unique in that I'm going to bring all the witnesses together (Byzantine & Alexandrian Texts, Textus Receptus, Harklean Codex & Crawford Codex) into one consistant whole with as few contradictions as possible. The variants between the texts will be indicated and the footnotes will have insightful Judeo-Aramaic amplications, and there will also be a special section for Aramaic primacy with the proofs our friends A. G. Roth, Bauscher & Lataster (with their permission & blessing of course) have presented in their works that point to an Aramaic original for Revelation. I will do my utmost best to come as close as possible to what the original penned by John must have said, but I don't expect it to be perfect. Sadly the original is no longer with us yet we have all these different copies. They may not be perfect but they are what we have and all we can do is the best we can with what we have, which is what I'm determined to do.

I hope that this new translation of Revelation will become a useful tool for the study of Bible prophecy and that it will clear up at least some of the confusion which has surrounded Biblical eschatology for so many centuries. I have chosen this title:

"The Revelation of Jesus Christ: A New Translation with Judeo-Aramaic Amplifications"



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