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He came from the mdina called Nasrat
As Matt says, Yshw'a came from a mdina qra nasrat, or a city called nasrat. Hence he will be called a 'Nazarene' as the Anglicised form has it. I have spent some time looking into this word from the holistic semetic approach which I usually employ.

I am quite sure that the best English word to use for the idea of NWN-SOD-RESH is 'support', at its core, meaning to give help in the time of difficulty.

The idea of a specific place being of this name has been somewhat contentious because some people have argued that there was no such place called Nasrat. I am just speculating, but perhaps it was an 'epithet' of a place? In my studies of Semetic culture, I do note that Semites from the past to the present day in the Semetic countries do use nicknames very liberally, even to the extent of calling someone 'Ben Harb' meaning someone with warrior like tendencies, or calling a town 'Eben' because it has a famous rock as a monument - hope you get the picture.

Is it possible that in this nicknaming culture, Nasrat was referring to a city or mdina which had many supporters of something [perhaps supporters of God in the truest sense], or something along these lines?

We are told that Shaol was the 'ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes' - this cannot be strictly interpreted as a particular place-name as such, seeing as not all of the 'supporters' would have hailed from this place called Nasrat in the formal place-name sense [i.e. as we would use 'Parisian'].

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Interesting idea

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