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I openly apologize for offending you and your people. I openly ask you your forgiveness.

I openly proclaim that I have no interest in the state of Israel and its political situation.

Will you forgive me now that I've humbled myself to a long-time friend?
???Do not give up, for that is ignorance and not according to the rules of this art... Like the lover, you cannot hope to achieve success without infinite perseverance.???
Absolutely I forgive you Bar Khela. My Master commands such, when repentance is offered.

To wrap up briefly Akhi, you should be more careful next time out. I never want to be that angry as such is against my nature. You did not need that line "Today's ZIonists are just as wicked as their predecessors" in any form whatsoever, to make your intended point about times of peace between Jews and Muslims, a point that I never contested. And even as yolu quoted that rabbi, I think it would have been better to acknowledge the idea that 99% of us Jews in the world are in fact Zionist. Therefore, rabbi's words notwithstanding, calling 99% of us wicked is an insult. That was my point to you and I am glad that you have seen it as such now.

And to be honest, I hope you are right about one thing. I hope it is really the case that Al-Quaeda and other like minded Muslims are in fact extremists who pervert a true religion of peace, but I must also say I have read verse in the Qu'uran that quite honestly terrify me. What is more terrifying also is the widespread attestation from Muslims that the violent parts of the Qu'uran have abrogated the 114 peaceful verses, or that the peaceful verses apply to Muslims only, not the wider world. I am not an expert on these matters to be sure, and I hate having to rely on translation in any case, for obvious reasons. Arabic just looks to me like Serto script on a bad day, so I am in the same boat as many Westerners.

You might also want to reconsider that line about the Torah being lost and having no weight, because it is not true. I was on the website <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->, and they make some interesting points that the Qu'uran itself suffers from similar problems, that the original there is also in doubt as well. As for the Torah, in all its ancient variants such as Dead Sea Scrolls, SP, LXX and so on, there is no disagreement whatsoever about Abraham, Moses, the Ten Commandments, or the covenant at Sinai. There are different ways such is expressed, but the essential message is intact, eternal and binding.

Be well Akhi, and think well on what I have said.
Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

This is my peace offering to you. You're a writer and so am I. While you write about Aramaic primacy, I write poetry. Enjoy yourself:


I do not write poetry
Poetry is tantra for the talking dead with leather suitcases
To paint the higher man on papyrus is the seal of my fathers

I do not write poetry
I fashion dark worlds for the unborn in limbo
Lucifer plays Ave Maria with flute in hand at twilight

I do not like poetry
Buddhist monks were known to play chess with Platonic solids during meditation until their hands became eyes
Sagittarius plays cards at gunpoint on a collapsing balcony to ease the stress of living

I do not like poetry
Alien slave girls laugh in Syriac
Purple children in white Sufi dresses circle cornfields slowly to collect earth into their backpacks

I do not compose poetry
I would rather liberate spirit with the incense underneath my sandals to sire a serpentine nimbus
Textbooks are liquid gel tablets for the frozen literary

I do not compose poetry
I would rather throw letters of my past into the ocean
And collect seashells on the outer shores of you
???Do not give up, for that is ignorance and not according to the rules of this art... Like the lover, you cannot hope to achieve success without infinite perseverance.???

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